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The Complete Arabic Works of Ameen F. Rihani Vol 4
Dr. Rihani, Ameen
ISBN: 9786144225790 | Hardcover | 24.50x17.50 | 1.70Kg | 
  This comprehensive and illustrated collection is distinguished with the following features:
1.      It includes the last two Arabic manuscripts by Rihani, namely: Sifr-ut Tadween  (The Genesis of Primary Notes), from his Arabic Notebook, and Baina Wadi-l Furayka wa Wadi Newyorkleem (Between The Freike Valley and The Newyorkleem Valley), Rihani’s  interviews with newspapers and magazines of Lebanon, the Arab World, and other publications in Arabic in the diaspora.
2.      Over 75 new letters, published for the first time, within his book: Rasa’el Ameen Ar-Rihani Al-Arabiyya (The Arabic letters of Ameen Rihani).
3.      Forwards to each and every book of the Rihani complete Arabic works. These forwards focused on the historical and intellectual backgrounds and motives urging the author to write a particular book about a particular subject.
4.      Footnotes related to his Arabic and English works building an intellectual relationship between the bilingual works of the author.
5.      A comprehensive list of his Arabic and English works including the Supplementary Articles, unpublished or published in newspapers or magazines in the USA, England and other countries of the English speaking world.
6.      An inclusive list of his Arabic and English works by chronological order, and by subject order.
7.      Glossary of Arabic terms peculiar to his literature.
8.      Selected Tributes to Rihani in Arabic, English, French and other languages, during his life time and after he passed away.
9.      A comprehensive bibliography including a) books and b) articles about Rihani in Arabic and other Asian languages, English and other European languages, from 1896 till 2015, in more than 5000 entries. It also includes 3) a bibliography of the translations of his works into Asian and European languages.
10.  Statistical summaries of Rihani’s Arabic and English works, translations of his works, and statistics on his bibliography.
11.  Indexes in Arabic and English including index of proper names, index of geography names, index of meanings, index of Rihani Arabic works and index of Rihani English works wherever mentioned in his Arabic Collection.
12.  Illustrations including his Arabic and English handwriting; his photographs and art portraits and busts; and samples of book covers by him or about him.